The concept of  sustainable fashion is not just making clothing with recycled materials and respectful of the environment, but using resources, that are respectful of our surroundings, in other words; to avoid greenhouse-gas emissions by hiring local suppliers and fomenting the local production. To also avoid with this the exploitation and hiring of women and children, that make the clothes from developing countries for us.

It has been proven that the making of just one t-shirt requires between 2.000 and 2.900 litres of water. To make some jeans weighing 1 kg more than 11.800 litres would be needed. It is the water required to grow the cotton for the piece of clothing. Besides the pesticides they add and the transport pollution from  the countries, where the clothes are made. That’s why recycling clothes is so important.

Some of the biggest brands of clothes have now began to take care of the environment and are helping us to give our clothes a second life.

The Swedish brand H&M started in  2013 doing their first campaign of sustainable fashion (H&M Conscious). They have a program for collecting and recycling clothes. You can take bags of clothing you don’t want anymore to the H&M stores and they’ll give you a H&M discount coupon for every bag you give them. With those clothes, they do not just recycle them, but also reuse them to create H&M Conscious collections every year.

Brands like Puma or North Face have also joined H&M’s initiative.

News has recently arrived that the group Inditex (Zara, among others.) has began to collect clothes in certain Inditex stores for donation to charitable organizations such as Cruz Roja or Cáritas. With the clothes we donate, they do the following:

  1. Donate it to people who need the clothes.
  2. After a selection of the clothing, take it to second-hand shops.
  3. Reuse them to achieve new fabric

From September, we’ll be able to take our old clothes to Zara in Spain, but for the time being, you can take it to H&M to give your clothes a second life and to indirectly start changing the fashion’s future.

Mara x

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