Hello! I leave Madrid a couple of months to come to Paris until July. I’m not living in the center of Paris, but on the outskirts. But for me, it is really easy to reach the city centre, which is great. Now that I’m living in one of the best cities in the world (of fashion, art, history…) I’m going to take advantage of it and visit as many things as I can. Paris has always been one of my favorite cities and to have the opportunity to live here is amazing.

That said, I start by showing you the gardens of Versailles. I had heard a lot of things about Versailles, but I couldn’t imagine how beautiful it is. I had already seen pictures of it and all that stuff, but seeing it in person cannot be compared to seeing it in pictures. It was so weird for me to imagine all those kings and queens (such as Louis XIII, Louis XIV, and the followings) walking around those gardens like I did. It’s been a little bit strange but I loved it. They also have constantly classical music playing, which transports you even more to that time. Apart from that, it all reminded me a lot of Woody Allen’s movie, ‘Midnight in Paris’. It’s always been my favorite movie and I’ve watched it like a million times. There’s a scene in the movie, where the main characters visit Versailles and I couldn’t stop thinking about it hahah. I feel like I’ll remember ‘Midnight in Paris’ a lot of times as long as I’m living here.

The gardens were amazing, beautiful, ideal to picnic (even though you’re not allowed to do it in some places), to do sport or simply to take a walk. This place is really worth visiting if you have the opportunity. I had the misfortune of going on a holiday. The place was full of people and we had to stand in line for everything. We even had to pay the entry to the gardens, which is weird because it’s always been free. But as I said, if you have the opportunity to come, I really recommend you to do it but make sure there aren’t a lot of people.

M x.

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