What Would You Do?

I once saw a video of Jerome Jarre (here), a great Viner and also a great person, where he said: “Just imagine: You’re 99 years old and you’re on your deathbed. All of a sudden you have the chance to come back to Right Now. What would you do?”

This is basically what I’ve been thinking about these past few weeks. I realized material things don’t make me as happy as I thought anymore. Clothes, makeup… of course I still like them because they are a part of my passion and what I love, but are those really the things that will help me grow as a person?

And no, I’m not becoming a hippie, bohemia or something like that. I simply want to be able to say when I’m 99 years old that I don’t have to come back to Right Now, because I’ve already lived everything I had to live. So I decided to write a Bucket List with all the experiences I want to live before I die. Like for example, being able to hold in my arms a monkey (that doesn’t bite, of course), to travel a lot all over the world, to make other people happy, to learn how to fly with a paraglider, to be part of a historic moment, to swim with sharks or even to leave a 100€ tip to a friendly waiter. The possibilities are endless.

Those moments are at the end the kind of moments that define our way of seeing our life, but I find more important the things we do everyday. Think carefully about the answer to this question: at this time in your life, in your everyday life, are you happy? If you are, I really am glad you are and, congrats because not everyone achieves happiness. If not, spend some time thinking why not and leave all those things behind because it doesn’t bring anything to your life. And I know what you’re thinking: “but I have to pay the bills somehow” or “no, this is just temporary” but life that really brings you joy isn’t that. Spend some time on the things you love. Reach the point where you have to wake up at six in the morning everyday and you don’t care because you are going to do what you really like. The trick is to love so much the things you do, that you don’t even realize you’re working. And that’s when you really can be good at what you do, when you’re happy. I acknowledge the bravery of some people, that although they still have to pay the bills, they risk leaving everything and do what they love and at the end that’s what helps them develop as a person. They risk changing for a happier future.

I don’t consider myself a coward, on the contrary, pretty brave. But if there’s one thing that really terrifies me, is getting old and regret all the things I didn’t do. Because we only have this one life and we have to live it.

M x.


Lately I’ve been looking for places to buy sustainable or recycled fabric and I found this online store called THREAD the other day. Although shops or brands that work with sustainable textiles already exist, I had never seen a fabric store until now, that makes and sells the fabric from recycled materials. I’ll explain you later in other post how recycled materials are made, but meanwhile I’m going to talk to you about Thread.

Thread collects plastic bottles in underdeveloped countries, such as Haiti and Honduras and makes fabrics in a wide variety of colors and finishes made from recycled bottles. The process is as follows: they first collect those bottles from the streets or even landfills. The people that collect them, are people from those countries that don’t have work, so Thread is a good opportunity for them. After that, the plastic bottles are transported to other places for processing.

Then they grind the bottles to create plastic flake. This brings us to the third point of the process, which is to create the yarn. The fibers can be texturized and spun to create the desired textile. Innovation in this case is really important, so that these materials resemble as much as possible the traditional ones.

Finally, the recycled fabric is made from the yarn (woven or knit).



It is a very innovative concept, that I think will change for good the fashion industry if they keep on doing what they’re doing and if their success continues growing. Thread is affordable, the fabrics can cost you pretty much the same as in normal fabric stores (approximately 10$/yard, although it obviously depends on the type of fabric you’re buying), but you have to add the shipping costs to the price. I think it is worthwhile buying them the fabrics, because you know how they make them and where they come from. The only problem regarding the shipping is, that they are still growing and at the moment, they only ship to the USA and Canada. Anyway, I very much hope that this project will be successful, because not only they provide work for people who need it, but also is one of the few that stands up for a positive change in fashion and in the environment.

I encourage you to take a look at their page,

M x.


image sources and info: Thread

How to be more organized and productive

How to organize your life, stop procrastinating and be more productive?

Recently I’ve been changing my way of living and of working quite a bit. It sounds pretty strong, but it is like that. I get home now and I just don’t spend two hours (literally) with my phone, leave everything for the last moment and study the day before the test. That only made me feel overwhelmed and stressed out day by day. So, I decided I had to change, organize my life and do the things right because I realized I would be happier like that. You always have to be happy, not only during holidays.

Here you have my tips on how to improve your organization and be happier on a daily basis. 🙂

1. Get yourself a calendar

My first tip would be to buy a calendar. I use my agenda to organize each week, for example and then I also have a monthly timetable hung on the wall above my desk, where I write all my assignments and exams down. In this way you have a wider view of all the things you have to do and you can get organized with a larger range of time. If you feel like you need even more organization, you can also buy agendas with a different format to record daily assignments and weekly timetables, whatever works best for you. Try and get everything done a week before you normally do. You’ll have more time to study/work, you’ll learn everything better and you’ll get less overwhelmed. If you don’t feel like buying a calendar, I found a page (click here), where you can download plenty of calendars for free and print them or you can even make them by hand if you wish.

2. Make a plan

Write everything you need to do or everything you want to achieve down every morning, at the start of the day or the night before. You’ll have everyday the goals you want to achieve and you’ll have everything much clearer.

Setting the time you want to spend on each task and trying to do it with that limit is also a great idea to not lose your time. Making little boxes next to our tasks also helps a lot, oddly enough. Whenever you get the work done, you just tick the box. It really works, believe it or not, this will give you encouragement to keep on working. You’ll simply want to keep on doing things to just tick that box. I advise you to start by the easiest things or the things that you like the most to have more things done and feel like you have less things to do.

3. Take breaks

Very few people last hours sitting in front of a desk without getting tired, even if they are very productive. It even has been proven that people work or study much more efficiently doing 30 minutes to 1 hour of work and then taking breaks from 5 to 10 minutes. You can read during those breaks if you want or even watch an episode of a tv show you like if you have time, although I wouldn’t recommend it because this will only take you longer and there’s a chance that you may want to watch another episode and stop studying.

4. Don’t let the phone distract you

The most difficult for me was to not be always with my phone and that was really the biggest problem I had. I used to get home and check out Instagram, Youtube, Netflix or whatever. Everything but study… What I do now is to leave it in another room at home or to switch the cellphone off and I just leave it in a drawer. There are also different apps to control your use of the phone (like for example Moment for iOS and QualityTime for Android, that show statistics of how much you use your phone per day. It is actually pretty impressive, at least in my case). Another app that could help you get to work and focus too is Forest, where you set the time you want to study and meanwhile grows a little digital tree. If you leave the app to check anything else on your phone your tree starts to die. The more digital trees you plant, the more coins you’ll get and after you collect some coins, the app actually plants real trees in real life. This is a good way of not checking the other apps while you work and focus just on what you have to do.

5. Wake up early

Ok, I know what you’re thinking now. “This girl is going crazy”. Well, that’s really the most difficult thing for me too, waking up early. That’s why there are days where I just don’t have the time to get everything done, because I’ve lost the whole morning. I simply like sleeping too much, especially at weekends. But it’s true that waking up early is the best way of get more things done. You may even finish everything you have to do that day before some people are awake and that’s great. But of course, I know how difficult it can be for some people, that’s why I advice you to do it little by little. Wake up 10 minutes earlier than usual, the next day 20 minutes earlier… and so on. You’ll notice a huge difference.

6. Do it as you planned it

I know it’s easy to say but really, if you did all or most of the steps, it’ll be much easier to achieve everything you want to do. You’ll have less things to do because you’ll be better organized and there will be a moment where it won’t take the same effort to do it anymore. Spend less time thinking about doing it and focus on the action.

I hope this has been useful, see you next week,

M x.


Photos by Alicia López Creis

Happy Halloween!

I have been waiting this whole month of October for this day to come and it’s finally here! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I’m pretty obsessed with Halloween and that I love everything about it, and of course, I had to do a Halloween inspired look.

Here you have this outfit, with only Halloween colors. A pumpkin orange sweatshirt, that I’m obsessed with which is the comfiest sweatshirt I’ve ever worn. The ankle boots are really elegant but cool at the same time. Besides, they aren’t really high, which is fine too. The denim skirt is old but I still love it. I’m wearing a basic oversized black t-shirt from Asos underneath and some sleeves from Asos too, that I think look great with the whole Halloween look.

I hope you liked it and that you have a great time tonight!

M x.

Fashion Business – Marketing: What is a Fashion Customer?


I’ve already told you in my last Fashion Business post what a Fashion Product is (click here to see it) and now, I’m going to explain you what Fashion Customers are and what they want from us as a brand. Finally, I’m going to show you how to create a Fashion Product based on your Fashion Customer.

Of course, Marketing’s always been about being interested in sells and transactions, but things are a bit different now.

The most important thing when doing a customer oriented Marketing Strategy is to create customer relationships. The customers are giving you their money for your product, but not only for that, they want to be well treated and to feel like you care about them. Let’s look at some examples; Apple. Whenever you enter an Apple Store, the first thing they’ll do is ask your name and they’ll always treat you right and even sometimes, make jokes. You’re not only buying an IPhone or an IPad, you are buying the value, the recognition, the image… They don’t have cashiers any more, the staff is doing it all. Another reason why they always ask your name is to have everyone’s data. To see how are they customers, what they like, etc.

Easy payment is really important too, you have to facilitate it and make it seem like it’s almost invisible. New payment methods, such as PayPal, paying directly through your phone, etc. are a good way of making it simple.

Sellers must search for buyers, identify their needs, design good market offerings, set prices for their products, promote them and store and deliver them. You need to find people that are going to buy your things, you design a proper market and that all depends on what you’re looking for as a brand, as a business. Brands that deliver their products very quickly are also creating that relationship I talked about earlier. You start liking them as a brand, just because they were fast with your shipping. As well as brands or designers that give their products to Bloggers, Influencers, YouTubers so they can try them on, see if they like them and promote them. They are also creating that relationship with their customers. That’s all Marketing right there. “One size fits all” brands like for example Abercrombie&Fitch or Brandy&Melville always seek the same type of customer, people with the same size.

Now, the Marketing Concept or Market Segmentation, what is it? The conditions under which the marketing concept offers the proper guidance to the marketer:

1)Demographic criteria: how old is your customer?…

2)Geographic criteria: where does he live? Where does he normally go?…

3)His lifestyle: what’s his attitude? How does he behave? How does he shop?…

4)Salary: how much does he get paid? How much can he spend?…

5)The way you sell your products: It’s how you’re going to sell your products what’s going to determine your success. Sometimes customers have to learn about new technologies, beliefs and ways of behaving. You just sell whatever, as long as you know how to sell it. For example, the Spinners or the Brick Supreme.

Emotions are normally attached to people. What we do in Marketing is attach emotions to products, that’s why you think about the brand as if it was a person (Karl Lagerfeld, Rihanna x Puma, etc.).

I hope you liked today’s post,

M x.



Electric Sky

Photos by Alicia López Creis

Earrings: here | Shirt: H&M (sold out)/similar: here or here | Trousers: Zara (sold out) | Bag: Zara (old)/similar: here or here | Shoes: (old)/similar: here


I’m specially excited to post this because I’ve been wanting to do this look for some time now and I really like how it turned out at the end. I also loved the place where we took the pictures, in fact, it surprised me a lot. I didn’t expect it to be like that.

A white shirt is a basic we all should have in our wardrobes, but above all, the shape of the shirt is essential, you have to love the cut and how it fits you. Once you have it, you can combine it with practically any piece of clothing and it will look like you have put a lot of effort in your outfit, even though the only thing you did, was to add a plain shirt instead of a normal t-shirt. In this case, I wore this white shirt from H&M with a pair of wide-legged beige trousers and my bag and shoes, both in electric blue. I love the contrast and mix of totally neutral colors with a touch of bright colors. I don’t know if you can tell, but the earrings (from Mango) are also in the same color. As soon as I saw them, I thought of Matisse and his distinctive way of doing portraits, that is revolutionizing the world of fashion so much, being at the moment a source of inspiration for so many designers.

I hope you liked it,

M x.

Stella McCartney’s SS18 Collection at PFW


Stella McCartney, as always loyal to Sustainable Fashion, brought us her new Spring/Summer 2018 collection to Paris Fashion Week. The show was in the impressive ‘Opéra National’ of Paris, to be more precise. Her new collection had both, neutral and bright colors (such as black, white, yellow, green, etc.) and a very lose fit to the pieces with a masculine style. But what’s really remarkable (as always in the case of Stella McCartney) is the accessories. The materials we can see in this collection are mainly sustainable viscose, organic cotton and synthetic leathers, such as ‘alter nappa’, ‘alter croc’ and ‘alter suede’ (according to Stella McCartney’s Website). I love Stella McCartney, and not only because of the way she designs, but also because she’s one of the few designers who actually has done anything sustainable these past fashion weeks. She always considers sustainability and that’s something that really differentiates her from other traditional designers.

M x. 


image sources: WWD

Favorite Street Style Pictures of Milan Fashion Week


To remind you a little bit how Milan Fashion Week was, which ended last Tuesday, I’m bringing you my favorite Street Style pictures. For me personally, Milan Fashion Week is one of my favorites, not only because of how much I like this city, but also because it is a city, that’s full of style and charisma, and really see it when it comes to seeing and comparing the Street Styles of each fashion city.

I hope you like the photos, there are some of them which are pretty funny,

M x.

image sources: Vogue, British Vogue

Fashion Business – Marketing: What is a Fashion Product?

Let’s all welcome September! (I can already hear all the haters with post-holiday depression). September is fashion’s biggest month and, I don’t know about you, but for me September is all about setting new goals and resolutions. Rather than on New Year’s Eve, I feel like after the summer, you have a clearer mind of what you want (and sometimes are). I’m bringing you a new series of posts talking about Fashion Business. After doing a course about this at ESMOD in Paris I can say that this is what interests me the most and I really want to write about it. I’m going to give you an overview of what Fashion Business is, talking about a different subject in each post. Always referring it mainly to Fashion Marketing and Communication. So, I’ll just stop talking and start explaining what is exactly a Fashion Product.

The fashion product is always changing depending on the changes in the consumer tastes or product attributes. Consumers always seek to be fashionable so the supplier takes advantage of this by frequent restyling of his products to satisfy his client. The product has to get the consumer’s attention, satisfy his desires and sometimes even make him believe he needs it. The desire is really important for the Fashion Product, if there isn’t any desire, there won’t be anyone buying it. You don’t just buy a product, it can also be rented or bought from second hand stores, for example. It doesn’t have to be an object either, it can also be a service, a place, an activity, a human being, an idea… Fashion Business isn’t the ideal place for only business people anymore, but also for creative people, that have new ideas and that, somehow, revolutionize the fashion market. In Fashion Business that becomes crucial, they are looking for people who have creativity and a mind for business at the same time.

You may think it’s stupid, but a Fashion Product can be, apart from what I already told you, anything that’s related to fashion. Literally. It can be either clothes, or makeup, shoes, people (such as Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani, Anna Wintour…), places, all kind of accessories (bags like the Balenciaga bag, which imitates the IKEA shopping bag, glasses, watches, etc.), trends (fishnet tights, over the knee boots, corsets or even the typical Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner ‘Nude Lip’). Colors (for example the ‘Pink Millennial’, which by the way is the main color of my blog), techniques like ‘Layering’, which is basically wearing a lot of clothes on top of each other in a way that looks good and fashionable, or the use of semi-transparent fabrics. Belts (for example the typical Gucci one), simple sneakers (Stan Smith, Yeezy, Superstar…) or even time (like when we buy for example frayed and ripped jeans). Another type of product, that is totally different, would be the emotions that fashion makes you feel (your behavior whenever you’re wearing heels, the emotion of seeing yourself wearing a certain lipstick color or how sexy you feel wearing a certain dress). Perfume, for example, is similar to the previous product, because it makes you feel good. And lastly, taking it to the extreme and exaggerating a little bit we have a new fashion product, which shows how fashion product has evolved from something beautiful to something that can make you feel good and even something that can also be good for your health. By this, I’m referring to the ‘Spinner’. Yes, you read that right. After brands like Louis Vuitton had decided to do their own ‘Spinner’, it has become a fashion product, that helps you get rid of the stress and make you feel good and accepted in a certain social status, although this may sound crazy.

I hope you like this kind of posts, even though I know, a lot of you don’t enjoy them as much as I do. See you next week,

M x.

PS: Click on the pictures below to see them better.

image sources: Pinterest


 Hi everyone.

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, but let me explain myself.

I’ve spent these last months in Paris. I’ve gone through so many things and learned a lot. Starting with improving my French. I’ve met so many amazing people, that I really love and appreciate. Not only French but also people from all around the world, and I know I can always count on them, no matter how far they are. I’ve also been a whole month at the best fashion university in Paris studying what I really like and, in some way, it helped me figure out what I want to do in the future. It has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life, even if it didn’t last long. A part of me stayed in France and I’ll never forget all the people I met there and that made this whole experience possible.

I’ve also learned a lot of things about myself and I feel like I’ve changed a lot too. That’s why I want my blog to suffer some changes as well. From September on I’ll be starting a new phase (what a coincidence… “September is the January of Fashion”), in which I’ll work and spend more time on the blog because I really feel like I need it, somehow. I will be making some adjustments to the blog to improve it and to reflect the changes I’ve experienced myself. Although I’ll be doing it little by little, I hope in a couple of months it will be ready. I have been thinking about creating a Youtube channel for a long time now, specially for the Beauty section of my blog. I would love you to comment below your opinion about it, because it has been on my mind for a long time and I really want to know what you think.

Thanks for reading this. See you in September,

Mara x.