I’ve spent this last week in New York and I can say it is really an insane city. It is as amazing as they say and just like in all the American movies; big, crowded, full of cars and of life, specially.

Manhattan is huge and every part of it is totally different to the other parts. The day we arrived we went to Central Park and I love the feeling of going to a park that big in the middle of all the chaos of the city.

The next day we went to Times Square and to see the statue of liberty. Times Square was really impressive, not just because of all the lights and ads, but also because of the amount of people there are. It’s the perfect place to get stolen if you’re a tourist in NYC! I found it very stressful in reality, but it’s still Times Square.

I wasn’t really that excited to go and see the statue of liberty, but I still thought it was interesting to see. Actually I have to say that I found it pretty disappointing, specially because of how small it really is. It is still very beautiful tho and its story is really interesting too. There were a lot of seagulls in that island too, I’d never seen so many together. There was also an amazing view of Manhattan and New Jersey from there too.

Then we stayed a little bit in Battery Park when we arrived to the city.

The next morning we went to the MoMA and after that to the East Village to go second-hand shopping. 

The MoMA really impressed me because I got to see a lot of art works and painters I studied and love. My favorite art works were ‘La Danse’ of Matisse and ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’ of Picasso. Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ also impresses a lot, tho it loses its charm when it is surrounded by people taking pictures of it instead of watching it.

I was really excited to go to East Village to see how are the vintage shops of New York. I love going second-hand shopping when I’m in another city, you would be impressed of how different the clothes are in each city. That’s what I love, it gives a special value to the clothes.

Sadly, the majority of shops I visited were quite disappointing, there were a lot of clothes and they weren’t special at all… However, not all of the stores were disappointing! My favorites were ‘East Village Vintage Collective’, ‘Nomad Vintage’ and an amazing one called ‘Search & Destroy’. I’ve never ever seen anything like that store. You weren’t allowed to take pictures of the inside of the store but I wouldn’t really know how to explain what was inside of that shop. The first thing you notice when you walk in is the Heavy Metal music. So loud that you can’t ever hear yourself. There were a lot of decorative dolls of all kinds… and when I say of all kinds I really mean it. If I’m honest, it looked like a store where they sell macabre or gothic porn, but it was actually a second-hand clothing shop! There was a huge mix of a lot of different weird things. The clothes were pretty cool but also expensive. Nevertheless, the store is worth the visit… Even if it’s just to see what’s inside!

The next day we went to Little Italy, Chinatown, for a walk to the High Line and finally went for dinner to the Soho.

Little Italy was also pretty disappointing, because I was expecting a neighborhood full of Italians. Someone had told me that when you go there, it instantly feels like you are in Italy… well, I didn’t feel that, to be honest. The main street in Little Italy is ‘Mulberry Street’, it’s full of Italian restaurants and souvenir shops with souvenirs of NYC and Italy (it doesn’t really make sense if you think about it, does it?).

After that we went to Chinatown, that’s next to Little Italy. I liked Chinatown better because it looked more real. There were a lot of people and it was pretty stressful too. Plus it smelled really bad. But it was very interesting to see the life of the people living there and it is for sure something you don’t see everyday (at least me!). 🙂

The evening we went walking from Manhattan to the High Line (which was a pretty long way) but it was worth it. I loved the idea of transforming that place, where there used to be the NYC train, into what it is now; a beautiful sidewalk with plants and a really nice sunset.

That night we went to the Soho for dinner and found a restaurant I loved. It was called ‘Le Botaniste’ and it was new. All the food was organic and everything was delicious. The place was very original and so was the food.

The next day was our last one and we decided to spend it in Brooklyn. As soon as we got there we went to a store that I was sooo excited to see called ‘The Package Free Shop‘ that was created by Lauren Singer of ‘Trash Is For Tossers’ (if you don’t know who she is I really advice you to see this video). This store was made for environment freaks like me. They have a lot of amazing products to stop producing so much waste and start living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 😉

Walking through Brooklyn we started hearing really loud Cuban music, as if there was a party or something. We got closer and saw there was a group of Cubans playing basketball. They had brought huge speakers and connected them to their car to play the music. This is for sure one of the best memories I have from New York.

We went back to Manhattan through the Williamsburg bridge.

New York is for sure an amazing city and I recommend you visit it 100%. This is the city where everything is possible.

See you next week,

M x.

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