Now that it’s still Summer and that a lot of people have requested me this, I bring you a list of my favorite sustainable swimwear stores. Most of them are only online and the prices depend on each brand. I hope you like them and that I encouraged you to buy more sustainably in the future!

M x.

1. Weekday

The first one is Weekday because it’s my favorite store to buy bikinis and swimsuits. The brand isn’t totally sustainable, but they have a lot of clothes made of organic cotton and recycled polyester. What I specially like about Weekday are their designs. Their most eco-friendly pieces are usually swimsuits and jeans. The normal price for a swimsuit at Weekday is from 10€ – 30€.

2. VYB Swim

What I like the most about VYB is their aesthetics. The designs are beautiful, although it’s more expensive than Weekday. However, you can still find really nice prices when they are in sale. Their price range is 20€ – 70€ (depending on the sales).

 3. VDM The Label

I love this brand specially because of their designs. They are not just beautiful, but also really sexy and original. The prices are not too high considering that they are sustainable. A swimsuit or bikini at VDM The Label can cost between 13€ and 20€ (on sale) and between 45€ and 51€ in the core collection.

4. Sober & Naked

And now to the last one. Sober & Naked has also very nice designs and a swimsuit can have a price of 30€ – 50€.

5. Other stores

I love the swimwear of the following brands, but they are more expensive. I leave you the names below anyway, in case you want to check them out. If you don’t mind spending more money on sustainable swimwear brands, these are your stores!


image sources: BIC BIM, @vyb_swim (Instagram), Sober&NakedTelaviver

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