The other day I went to one of my favorite restaurants with a very good friend of mine, Ali (who by the way is the main photographer of all my looks). This is the first time that Ali appears on the blog, even though she’s always been by my side, helping me with a lot of posts from the beginning. So I hope you’ll see her more often on the blog. Meanwhile, here’s her Instagram photography account so you can take a look (here).

The restaurant we went to is called La Tagliatella and it’s a franchise of Italian restaurants which are very famous in Spain. They make all types of Italian food; risotto, pasta, pizza… We ordered a pizza and tortellini filled with pumpkin which was amazing. But let me tell you, it is very difficult for something to not be good in La Tagliatella.

The service is usually very good and there’s always a good ambience. I don’t know about other cities in Spain, but you can find La Tagliatella pretty much all over Madrid. I suggest you give it a try (if you haven’t already) and share your thoughts.

See you next week,

M x.

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