Bobbi Brown: here | MAC Ruby Woo: here | MAC Lady Danger: here | MAC Russian Red: here | Kiko Milano: here

First of all, I thought the most important lipstick color is this beautiful red we all women should have in our collection. It really goes with almost everything and you always can wear it, whether it’s summer, spring, fall or winter. I put first the more high-end alternatives and at the end the dupes or cheaper ones. Between all the MAC lipsticks, I would say Ruby Woo is the dupe that best suits for the Bobbi Brown lipstick. Lady Danger has more like an orange undertone and Russian Red is a little more pinky than Ruby Woo. The one from Kiko has a matte formula.


Kat Von D in Vampira: here | MAC Diva: here |  L’Oreal 703 Oud Obsession: here

I think this is the most elegant lipstick of them all and I find the color astonishing. You can also wear it with almost everything, as well as with 1.- and you can find it in every make-up store, although they have different formulas. I think it’s the best color to wear in the winter and with formal clothes for an event or maybe a party.


Make Up For Ever: here | Kiko in 604 Bright Orange: here

This one’s maybe more ‘daring’, but it really look good on a lot of skin tones. It looks also really good in summer and spring. I added it to this list, just because this color reminds me a lot to pumpkins haha. In the pictures (especially Kiko’s) you can’t really see good the color, but it’s really similar to the Make Up For Ever lipstick and it’s also a lot cheaper. The finish of the Make Up For Ever lipstick is a little bit glossy, unlike the lipstick from Kiko, which has a matte finish and its formula is pretty nice.


MAC Retro: here | Maybelline in Touch of Spice: here

It was more difficult to find similar lipsticks for this color because it isn’t as characteristic as the others. Maybe the lipstick aren’t exactly the same as in the pictures but they’re really similar and they’re both stunning. It’s a lighter shade than for example 2.- and that makes this lipstick even more wearable.


MAC Sin: here | Maybelline in Blackest Berry: here

This color is pretty dark, even though you can’t see it good in the pictures, in which the lipsticks look like the ones in 2.- but this is much darker and has a purple undertone, which looks amazing in fall and winter.

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